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'Luca recently completed a commission for us and his interpretation of our painting was exactly what we wanted. His work is so colourful and unique!!' - Anne-Marie

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I am releasing a new collection of Owl paintings.

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Born in sunny South Africa and living in United Kingdom, my art is all about celebrating the amazing and bold beauty you find in wildlife and nature. I'm fascinated by the mix of colors and the lively energy in the natural world. Every paintings reflects the spirit and feelings of Mother Nature, bringing out pure joy, endless vitality, and a bit of wonder.

I’ve been painting since I was 13 years old and it’s always been my pride and passion. Through my art, I want to remind everyone to appreciate the beauty around us and to care for the deep connection we have with the great outdoors.

You will find original paintings and prints in my online gallery and I also offer bespoke commissions.

Why not rent art for your office space?

I understand the need for commercial spaces to maintain a dynamic and contemporary ambiance through consistently refreshed artwork. Feel free to reach out below to inquire about my art rental service.

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Commission a special painting?

Whether you're looking to craft a cherished memory for your home or have a collaborative project in mind, I've got the ideal painting for you!

If there's a sold piece you'd like recreated or any specific requests, feel free to reach out—I'd be delighted to hear from you!

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