Luca is a Contemporary Artist based between Dorset , United Kingdom and Cape Town, South Africa


His bold colours with vibrancy and texture is his signature style.  Luca paints in mixed media with use of both Acrylics and Oils and other media to bring his paintings to life. 

His work has featured in numerous publications, most recently in the House and Garden magazine. His artwork Shoreline recently achieved 2nd place at an exhibition in London during March 2022. 

A British Citizen with Italian background. Born in 1979 and raised in South Africa. Luca attended the renowned international private boys' music school where he competed internationally musically and gained international exposure to arts from a young age. He completed his art studies at the prestigious Andrew Owen Art School in Cape Town (South Africa). He immigrated to the United Kingdom in in early 2000 and resides by the coast in Dorset. 

Luca's style is influenced by many artists to name a few – Van Gogh, Gerhard Richter, Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko and Max Beckmann.

I hope that my art connects with you.

Thank you for supporting my work and making my dream of professional painter come true.