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Luca Domiro Art

Skies and Scapes Series viii (2023) - 80 x 60cm - Original Painting

Skies and Scapes Series
Mixed Media

This awe-inspiring painting captures the essence of a breathtaking sky and landscape drenched in the resplendent hues of orange. Radiating warmth and energy, the color orange breathes life into every brushstroke, illuminating the canvas with a celestial glow.

The sky, ablaze with fiery tangerines and hints of gentle coral, beckons you to pause and marvel at the boundless beauty above. As the sun sets or rises, its molten rays cast an ethereal golden light upon the earth, transforming the landscapes into a realm of enchantment. Rolling hills, bathed in the luminosity of orange, come alive with a sense of serenity and tranquility.

Original statement piece ready for shipping.

Supplied with floating natural wooden box frame.

Painting includes:

Includes signed authenticity certificate.

Payment plan option available.

Studio visits possible if you’re local in Christchurch, Dorset, UK

I’d love to hear what connects you to this artwork,  please send enquiry on contact form and provide details of artwork in comment 

Contact form - Skies and Scapes Series viii (2023) - 80 x 60cm - Original Painting