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Luca Domiro Art

BEYOND THE EDGE - 200x100cm - Original Painting

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200 x 100cm.

Beyond the Edge is an original statement diptych piece ready for shipping.

Allow yourself to be transported, heart and soul, to this ethereal sanctuary, where cliffs and nature entwine, and the healing essence of the earth unfolds before you. Embrace the awe-inspiring beauty and rediscover the infinite capacity of nature to nurture and mend the spirit.

Overall hanging size 2m x 1m. This painting is a textured oils on canvas. Inspired by the steep cliffs of the Jurassic coast, Dorset (United Kingdom). Supplied with an original and signed authenticity certificate.

Painting includes:

Sold with a black box frame. 

Includes signed authenticity certificate.

Payment plan option available.

Studio visits possible if you’re local in Christchurch, Dorset, UK

I’d love to hear what connects you to this artwork,  please send enquiry on contact form

Contact form - BEYOND THE EDGE - 200x100cm - Original Painting