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Luca Domiro Art

EYES OF THE FOREST - 91x61cm - Original Painting

In the gaze of the wolf, I find echoes of untamed freedom, strength, and a wild spirit that resonates within. This painting captures the raw emotions of the wilderness, inviting you to feel the untold stories hidden in the eyes of the wolf.

Original, Prints and Commissions available. Send enquiry in contact form.

Original statement piece ready for shipping. 

91 x 61cm / 36 x 24 inch.

Painting includes:

Sold with a bespoke black box frame.

Includes signed authenticity certificate.

Is a painting sold? or is a Painting not yet sold? 

Send me a direct message on the form below to enquire about pricing or a custom commission painting. 

Worldwide postage.

Contact form - EYES OF THE FOREST - 91x61cm - Original Painting