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Luca Domiro Art

FLORAL FANTASIA UNICORN - 91x61cm/36x24inch - Original Painting

Floral Fantasia Unicorn 36x24inch

I was inspired to create this unicorn painting filled with vibrant colors and flowers to capture the magic and beauty of nature. The whimsical blend of hues and floral elements symbolizes joy, imagination, and the enchanting world of fantasy.

Acrylics on canvas. Original statement piece ready for shipping. 

Painting includes:

Sold with a bespoke black box frame.

Includes signed authenticity certificate.

Free worldwide postage.


Pricing of my artwork is dependent on size and effort required to produce the masterpiece. I value personal connections and love to find out what connects you with this artwork. 

I always offer special incentives on my pricing to my collectors who connect with and purchase my work. Pricing offer range from $2500-$3500 for this painting.

Is a painting sold? or is a Painting not yet sold? 

Send me a direct message on the form below to enquire about pricing or a custom commission painting. 

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